STARCOPIA – A New Blog In the Universe

Welcome, and thanks for reading my introduction.  As you can comprehend, my blog is Starcopia.  It is derived from my name Starbrite A. Sparkles and copia – expansive richness and amplification as a stylistic goal.  In Renaissance rhetoric, the figures of speech were recommended as ways to vary students’ means of expression and develop copia.  Thus, the name Starcopia.  With this blog, I intend to journal my knowledge and continued learing in the paranormal, consciousness and Ufology fields.  To me, learning is a passion and knowledge is more vast than the universe.

The paranormal is beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.  For example, a medium’s reading or ghosts. would be explored as a paranormal subject.

Consciousness relates to an alert state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation;An intuitive awareness.

Ufology is a subject that became identified in 1959.  It is the study of unidentified flying objects.

No topic is mutually exclusive and they can and often overlap.   Normally, I will write about issues of interest on these topics, sometimes personal, sometimes breaking news, and sometimes just stories of interest that caught my eye.  It may be about tarot readings and the next posting on near death experiences.  To sum it up, when we cease to learn, we cease to live.  That folks might just may be the mental  beginning to the other side of life;  a near death experience.

By starbriteasparkles

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