Telepathy has been defined as the transference of thoughts or feelings between two or more subjects through Psi.  Dr. David Jacobs, one of the prominent researchers in the UFO field, in his studies has found in his abduction research that telepathy is the main communication provided between the abductees and the aliens.

The experience I personally encountered, was not an abduction, but I maintain it was a telepathic communication, or a knowing.  This raises the question; can an event, other than an actual abduction, cause two subjects to become so connected that they are able to communicate without being in contact physically?

Basically, telepathic communication consists of two directions, sending and receiving.  The ability to send and receive from one another’s thoughts and feelings comes from a spiritual connection between the two.  The sending and receiving depends on intention.

When two subjects are spiritually close, they trust each other and they have mutual empathy.  Empathy is one of the key ingredients of telepathy.

Telepathy, which is of the psychic level of the mind, tends to operate beyond pure words and linguistics.  It takes the place in the form of feelings, images, and desires. You may be able to receive telepathic communication from another subject in the form of pure words.  However, it usually comes through a feeling, image, or desire.   All three occurred in my experience.

Depending on whether the telepathic message is verbal or nonverbal as well as your dominant mental modality, you might receive the message by instantly knowing it (paracognition), hearing it from an inner voice in you mind (clairaudience), visualize it (clairvoyance) or feeling it (clairsentience).  The message I telepathically received comprised all four of these methods.

My experience occurred while I was listening to one of the late night radio shows and working on my computer.  The subject that evening was exo-politics and disclosure.  The guest wanted listeners to post on-line at a site that President Obama setup to ascertain major policy areas that were important to the public.  The website was the Citizens Briefing Book.  I typically do not interact, other than listening to the show, but somehow, I was drawn to post on the Citizens Briefing Book site.  I look upon this as an experience in alien telepathy and connectivity.

Listening to my inner consciousness, here is what I posted: I heard a comment on the news today that the government knew about the terrorist facts that led up to the 9/11 tragedy and did not disclose them to us because they were afraid that as a nation we could not handle it.  That is, we are not sophisticated enough to be given the facts and be allowed to discern the impact of this on our future.

Such I feel is the way that the government has in the past viewed the extraterrestrial presence in our universe.  The government has feared that the country as a whole will not be able to handle the reality of the presence of multidimensional beings or alien lifeforms. Do not make the mistakes of our past administrations by not being forthright with us and allow the information to be disclosed.  It may not be hard, cold evidence as in a court of law, but sitings, stories of abductees, and craft are with us as proof.  You said that you wanted to be the administration of change.  Well, this is the prime opportunity.  You have the opportunity by allowing the truth and disclosure of the alien presence to be a primary objective of this administration.

Another plus is the cost of disclosure in terms of budget dollars will be minimal, it will not cost millions or trillions of dollars.  The cost to us as a nation of disclosure cannot be priced.  You cannot attach a dollar value to the truth.  To remain in denial, as a nation could in the long run be one of the most costly mistakes this administration could make.

After I submitted this, I continued to work on the computer.  My office is in my house, but I also have a mobile home behind it.  As I walked out of the house, around 2:30 a.m. in the morning, to go to the trailer, I looked up into the sky and there to the right was a UFO.  The object was not exactly stationary, but what appeared to be in a hovering mode.  I was not frightened.

The appearance of the craft was oblong, as a sausage shape.  It had red lights circling on the outer perimeter on the craft it, and oscillating red lights at its base.  It was close enough that I could make out its form.   I have never seen lights like that before, and I have seen many in the nightsky.  I am not familiar with any military craft that meets this description.  There were no airport landings that evening that would have met this description either.

What I am amazed at with this encounter is the synchronicity and symbolism.  It appeared for me to view after I had made my first contribution to disclosure openly on the web or anywhere. I have heard it remarked that the aliens do not speak in open language and dialogue, but by thoughts they transmit as in telepathy.  The thoughts I received as I viewed the craft were those of a knowing, a knowing that the actions I had just taken were the correct ones and they approved.  It was a knowing confirmation and affirmation this was the correct thing for me to do at the time.  I went into the trailer, and the craft had fulfilled its mission.  This was very personal to me.  If a Hollywood movie had an ending to a disclosure experience, it would have been a very fitting and inspiring conclusion.

That psychic knowing message I received was not a thought I had conjured up in my mind out of pure imagination.  Intuition is made up of feelings of clarity and inner certainty, exactly like my inner feelings during those moments.

All things at the psychic level operate through the power of belief.  In order to send or receive telepathy, you should believe it is going to happen, i.e. “The Knowing.”

Out of this, I consider there is a psychic, telepathic element to the knowing, but in addition it is about mutual understanding.  Universal Mind or God will provide insights into a subject, because God is love and love connects you to that subject spiritually.  The subject can also sense certain emotions, images and desires from you through the universal mind.  What I experienced was a mutual connectivity of knowing and connectivity.  The moment was pure, honest, and truthful.

Being authentic is one of the keys to sending and receiving clear telepathic messages.  The virtue of honesty and truth is the spiritual law of reality.  Telepathic connection works best when we don’t try to force it and this episode demonstrates that.  This was not a thoughtout or planned event.  It occurred by being in the moment and following the flow of the communication.  It was a knowing validation that there is an alien presence in our world, and the move towards disclosure is necessary and desired by them.

By starbriteasparkles


I don’t want to be conspiratorial, but sometimes fiction may be more true to life than fact.

He was born, October 19, 1923, and was a World War II veteran of the Air Force. According to his own admission he flew the first leg of the journey from Eighth Air Force, Roswell to Dallas, Texas. The flight reportedly contained wreckage from the Roswell crash sight. He observed the containers of dry ice and the steam arising above them. His name was Ernest Lloyd Thompson. I attempted to contact him for a first-person interview but, discovered he had passed away on April 13, 2004, in Cottonwood, Arizona. He was a part of the story and may have had a piece of the puzzle to the ultimate truth and authenticity of the story of Roswell. How many other participants in this saga, and other in the recent history of UFOlogy have been missed, afraid to speak out, sworn to secrecy by the government forces but had knowledge of the truth? They may hide behind fiction, or be afraid to voice their secrets. That is why whenever given the chance of the interaction, the interview, to speak to someone that has first-hand observation of a sighting, a landing, or an abduction the experience must be maximized.

In his waning years, Mr. Thompson wrote a story, a work of fiction entitled “The Reward for Initiative.” Interwoven with tips for effective UFOlogy witness interviewing are excerpts from his prose. Don’t let your live witnesses be caught dead, or more importantly, if government truth is revealed from your interviews of witnesses, could it be your back that needs to be watched? .

The truth is the goal, but every interview poses its own specific set of circumstances. Additionally, anyone witnessing a UFO sighting presents special challenges in the normal interviewing process. Some special considerations are: (1) the witness may be involved in a very close encounter and be upset, (2) the witness may be faking a UFO story, (3) the witness may be mentally unstable, or (4) the witness may be an agent provateur from our government.

An ideal situation is to know the UFO witness as a person. You should develop rapport with the witness. A good initial approach is by phone. Begin by putting the witness at ease. With a cooperative UFO witness, asking him or her to write the encounter in the form of a story puts the sighting into a written record and preserves those early impressions.

Memories do not always record details perfectly overtime, and the mind does not like gaps and spaces. Without the UFO witness being consciously aware, there can be a tendency to round out the memories with pseudo-details that the mind thinks will logically fit.

Sometimes you may be able to conduct the interview over the phone, however an initial interview may be held in a convenient location. Even at that point the emotionalism of the event may affect the UFO witness’s ability to relate what has happened. The story may trickle out over a period of time, and in some cases a psychotherapist may become involved to aid the UFO witness in relating their story. Trust is all-important throughout this process.

Prologue: The Story Reward for Initiative is Fiction. All Characters are strictly products of my imagination. An event did occur near Roswell at the approximate date in which the story is set. My fiction uses this to portray dangers not always held in balance by the bureaucratic functions we may not be able to trust.

It is the case that the witness may be faking a UFO report or story. A broad-minded approach is recommended. It has been remarked by some to, “Look at everything, but believe nothing.”

I would hope the common section of our society will maintain an open mind. Ernest L. Thompson

Some corroborating methods that can be used for verification purposes include re-contacting the UFO witness or sighting reporter, and determining whether anyone has reported the same or similar incident. Also, the police or any surrounding airport towers can be collateral contacts. If there is a military base nearby any possible aircraft near the sight at that time can be checked. The local National Weather Service can provide accurate data about the cloud cover and ceiling, wind speed and direction, visibility, temperature, and any atmospheric disturbance near the time of the sighting. You also might want to visit the sight yourself for environmental factors or rule out any man-made sources.

“Go right in, Mam,” he said. She heard the door click shut behind her. There were about a dozen people already in the room. Other than two civilians in black suits, an MP officer and Lt. Col. All of the others were hospital staff that she recognized. Captain Worth, the doctor just off duty in ER held a clipboard, which he stared at with a serious frown puckering his lips. Mercer knew he was concerned about the men in black.

The first priority of any interview must be for the UFO witness to tell their story without intervention, bias, and leads being made through the interviewer’s questioning. Generally questioning the UFO witness will have two major purposes: to elicit the greater descriptive detail from the witness and to reflect critically upon the sighting.

Well I guess we are all here, and though we are under some pressure to get out to the scene they have asked me to tell you people that this is of a high security nature. An aircraft is down out in the desert.

It is informative to ask open-ended questions that encourage the UFO witness to respond at length, and that help guide the narrative rather than holding a question and answer session. Open-ended phrasing such as “tell me about” or “please describe” are examples that can be utilized.

I have no information as to how bad the situation is, but when we get there you will do what is ordered and nothing more. What you see and hear, you will forget. What exactly is meant by that I can’t say, but I have been told that any talk of it afterward will be a criminal offense with the most serious consequences. . . .Unless so ordered you will not venture into the actual crash area. Nor will you discuss the activity with anyone.

To keep the flow of the Ufology interview do not be openly judgmental and never argue with the witness. Try to verify the information in a manner of asking clarifying questions or to probe deeper in order to garner more details. As much as possible the questions should allow the UFO witness the opportunity to proceed as they choose rather than how you choose.

I was picking up these pieces of metal, see, and most it was smooth, but this one chunk had a jagged edge like the blade on a fish knife. Didn’t see that till it was too late. The Sergeant sent me over here. I brung it along so you could see iI’n I’m poisoned. I hear that officer, the one with eagles tell the major that the wreckage could be dangerous. He paused as iodine made him flinch. There are several acres of the stuff and they say there was a body found way up by the bluff. A space ship, they say the biggest piece is up there where the body is.

As listed, sometimes a UFO witness may be mentally unstable. Obviously factual data questions are important, but subjective ones can enrich the interview and discern the mental status of the UFO witness. Some questions to ask include: (1) What did the phenomenon most resemble that would be identifiable? Why does the witness think that what he or she saw was not this? (2) What books, if any, has the witness read on UFOs and do they hold any opinion about their nature or origin? (3) Who has the witness talked to about the experience since it occurred, and how did they react? (4) Why did the witness choose to report the phenomenon to the person or persons to whom he or she did? (5) Does the witness have any objection to his or her name being used in connection to the interview on the sighting. If it is an issue, anonymity is suggested. Over the course of the questioning, the mental stability of the witness can become apparent, especially in getting the facts of the incident.

I may get myself in deep trouble, but I think we should rush this thing to the base hospital with out delay. It is alive now and must be somehow related to what has happened out there,” Karen said, waiving her arm to the north. “They orderd us not to under any circumstances go over there. Pack the stuff away, Coporal.” She tore the sheet of white paper from the top birth in the ambulance and in large block letter and wrote, Have taken emergency case to Hospital. Signed: Lt Mercer. Then she said to Wesley in a stern and positive voice. “Corporal Lopez, this is a direct order. Take the patient and ambulance back to the base. And hurry.” Before leaving however, they went back to the wash and confirmed the further deterioration and demise of the other being.

Although rare, the UFO witness may be an agent provocateur from our government. It is wise to be prudent. From a practical point of view it is more than useful to have a colleague with you at the interview. With the UFO witness’s permission, this allows the interviewer to actively engage in the questioning, but the other person may sit in the background and take notes and be able to offer a second opinion, or detect facial expressions or slight inflections of the witness’s voice. This could give a clue about how the UFO witness feels about the experience.

Right you are. Your corpse got up and moved and we want to know who dug the place it ended up. Go take a look. . . .you better use a hankie.” Lopez walked slowly to the bank and peered into the five-foot pit.

Good grief, he thought there’s a body down there. He bent to see. . . .to see Karen’s sightless eyes wide with terror staring past the bloody remains of her body. Anger like he had never known boiled inside him as he turned. Leonard and Bob stood side by side, their hat brims hiding faces behind two ugly automatics which blasted rapid bursts of fire. Corporal Lopez was conscious of the first two seconds as more rounds drove him into the pit of total darkness.

Two interviewers could also be a safety precaution. Taking for granted a witness’s reaction or response to a certain event is a dangerous pitfall common among those interviewer’s who have an inside knowledge of the community they are working with. Avoid asking leading questions or putting words in the witness’s mouth.

Good interviewing is critical in the UFOlogy field. The information obtained in the interview are the historical records. By putting the witness at ease and eliciting the story, separates the fiction from the nonfiction. The truth is there, by interviewing carefully and thoughtfully, just don’t be caught dead in your search of it.

Excerpts from “Reward For the Initiative” by Ernest Lloyd Thompson.

By starbriteasparkles


To quote Carl Sagan, “We are ‘star stuff’ exploring the stars.”  Its been inferred that life is the information pathway by which the universe achieves self-awareness and explores itself, including new modes of creativity and beauty.

However you view development of the human species, either evolution or creationism, the development of our self-awareness, imagination, and abstract intelligence, has conferred upon humanity an unique awareness of our connection to the Cosmos, which is referred to as spiritual awareness and has been institutionalized as religion.

This spirituality provides another property of the connection between matter and the Universe.  An emphasis upon “religious law”, you will in the end be judged by the deeds and misdeeds you have engaged in this life, human religion seems to reflect an intuitive awareness of the highest form of connectivity in physics.  Science is a rational, social expression of our awareness of cosmic law and connection.  Conflict arises between science and religion when both lay claim to the same set of cosmic laws and processes.  For instance, this would be in the case of evolution vs. special creation.

These reflections point to one basic premise, that we are all connected.  I can illustrate by example.  We are all connected through the language we use, and the way of denoting those words.  Although communication has gravitated toward the Internet, the U.S. mail is still essential for the population in rural America.  I am dependent on the postal service for my livelihood.

Recently, to cut costs the validity of many of the rural post offices has been under review.  On my way to the rural post office that serves my business, I had the thought, “Was the post office that I pick-up my mail from, sent packages, and rely on for economic necessity subject to closure?”  My mind expanded on what a personal hardship this would be.  I was approximately a mile away from the post office building.

When I arrived, the postmaster was on the telephone.  I waited for a short while until she completed her conference call. She is the only postal worker there.  Being a small locality and on a first-name basis, she shared with me the content of the telephone call.  She had been on a conference call with several other offices about the impending closures affecting the rural post offices.  This was highly unusual that there would have been a conference call.  It was uncertain at that time which ones would close.  This occurred simultaneously with my questioning about the status of the post office. Somehow, although not by wires, our thoughts and effects of those actions had been connected. The connection was not just my thoughts to the post office, but it was interconnected across the array of the pathways from the post office in a system with the conference call center.  Truly, this must demonstrate that our consciousness is connected, not only by man-made wires but the light, time, and the particle-wave duality of energy.

Scientifically, according to Noether’s Theorem, the charges of matter are the symmetry debts of light.  Through these charges, the energy of light is transformed into the information content of the world.

To some skeptics, proofs of these truths are new age hocus-pocus gobbeldly gook. Although psychic phenomena provides further examples of our connectivity to the universe, these personal experience, as mine above, lie outside the range of provable scientific analysis.  The problem is that even the person that experiences them cannot replicate these subjective experiences on demand to put under a scientific lens.  In the end, they are not susceptible to scientific methods and analysis. A skeptic requires proof.  I offer that the fact that they cannot be scientifically proven, lend them to a higher realm of analysis that our present human-mind capacity cannot yet fathom.

One of the earlier technological discoveries of connectivity was by Heinrich Hertz, when he brilliantly realized that the receiver must be built in the same form as the receiver.  With that discovery, he demonstrated the transmission of electromagnetic waves through space and reception at a distant location.

Modern technologies on our planet along with the Internet through connectivity have also strengthened the Human Collective Consciousness in entirely new ways.  On a metaphysical level it is an expansion of the Human Collective Consciousness into a Universal or Global Consciousness.  The consciousness of animals, plants, trees, mountains, rivers and oceans are included in this Global Consciousness.   Also included is the consciousness of the entire planet, other planets, other planetary beings, as well as the consciousness of Dark Matter, theorized to make up 96% of our Universe. That “star stuff” is additionally dusted inclusively in this Universal Consciousness, which we are headed toward as we move in the direct pathway to December 21, 2012, date of connected enlightenment.