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5 in 1 Camera Lens Cleaning Kit with Lens Air Blower/Detergent/Cleaning Cloth/Cleaning Brush/Len Cleaning Paper

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Professional Camera Lens Cleaning Kit Includes: air blowing,  cleaning brush, cleaning cloth, lens paper,  detergent, Packaging box .

Zero Scratches, Efficient Cleaning: Extremely fine Microfiber can easily clean the invisible dust, particles and smudges on Cameras and Lens, leaves zero scratches, streaks or marks. Non-Toxic Alcohol-Free Formula Cleaner Kits also leave zero scratches, streaks or marks after use. Changing the cleaning kit can efficiently and safely clean the dirt on the camera and lens.

Convenient to Carry and Use: The accessories are all packed in a paper packaging box. When you need to use it, open the storage box and select the tools you need, It is very simple and convenient.

Rocket Blowing Balloon: The air blower can easily direct a stream of air to blow away dirt and dust from your lenses or camera sensor, unique in appearance.

Material : Rubber, Silicone, Paper, Microfiber

Liquid Volume : 20 Milliliters