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Nissin Lactobacillus Cubes Granola Fruit Maple Syrup Flavour 500g 1 box 12 packs

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Nissin Granola Fruit Maple Syrup Flavour, added with strawberry flavour lactobacillus cubes, the oats rich in nutrients are increased by 60%.

Oatmeal comes from rye or oat-based cereals. Cereals contain protein, the three major nutrients, minerals that the human body cannot produce, and dietary fiber that helps intestinal peristalsis. They are a rich collection of nutrients.

Nissin's oatmeal is very popular and comes in a wide variety of flavors. In addition to breakfast, it is perfect as a snack or afternoon tea! Because you can take in vitamins. Therefore, it is very popular among people who are concerned about health and dieting, or people who want a simple and easy breakfast in busy mornings.

Simple and convenient to eat

The biggest appeal of "oatmeal" is that it is very convenient to eat. Just add milk to satisfy your hunger, making it perfect for breakfast in the morning after a busy day. In addition, you can also add cheese or add it to the sambal. There are quite a variety of ways to eat it! If you have time, you can also add honey or sazan oil and try making bar-shaped "oatmeal bars" at home! Not only is it delicious, it’s also very filling, making it perfect as a snack!

Unforgettable! The rich sweetness of maple sugar "Nissin Fruit Cereal, Luxurious Fruit 80% Fat Reduction"

Large slices of sweet and sour strawberries, juicy pineapples, and "Nissin Fruit Cereal Luxurious Fruit 80% Fat Reduction" containing 5 kinds of fruits (ごろっとグラノーラ5 kinds of の色り Fruit fat 80%オフ), the sweetness contained in maple sugar leads to the aroma of the grain itself, which is simply addictive and delicious! Moreover, compared with previous products, this cereal has 80% less fat content, so you won’t feel guilty when eating it!


Oats (21%), Wheat Flour (20%), White Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Dried Fruits [Papaya (3%), Raisin (2%), Strawberry (1%), Apple (1%)], Water, Coconut Flakes, Corn Grits, Maltodextrin, Black Wheat Powder, Polydextrose, Almond, Pumpkin Seeds, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Lactose, Soya Powder, Brown Rice Powder (0.1%), Maple Syrup (0.1%), Vitamin C, Wheat Bran, Rice Powder, Rye Powder, Antioxidant (307b), Corn Syrup, Flavour and Flavouring, Ferric Phosphate, Emulsifier (471), Milk Protein, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12.


soya beans, milk, tree nuts, cereals containing gluten and their products.

Net Weight 500g