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MOMEEKA S-Series S-Floor Cleaner Concentrate

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S, Safety. MOMEEKA’s cleaners not only concern the efficiency, and even put more effort to human, pets and material safety. MOMEEKA's S-Series products adhere to pass stimulant testing. ..It does not contain harmful substances, and it is good for materials, not aggressive, to protect the health of users.


100% made in Europe, contains no colouring agents, odoriferous or petrification. In addition to removing stains, it feels fresh when stepping on the ground. Besides, detergents are harmless to babies, pregnant women, pets, people with asthma, allergies or other sensitivities. It even does not require any additional rinsing after using.


MOMEEKA S-Floor Cleaner Concentrate is suitable for cleaning all water-resistant surfaces, including tiles, paints, plastics, woods, stones etc. It is effectively removes grease and dirt and does not require any additional rinsing after using.


  1. Dissolve 1 cap (40 mL) in 10L of water, i.e. 1mL cleaner concentrate :250mL water.
  2. Clean the surfaces with the prepared solution.

To clean areas that are particularly difficult to clean, pour the product onto a washing sponge or directly into a dirty area. It does not require any additional rinsing after using.

Made in Estonia