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Bee 2 Australian Honey Straws bundle 3 packs

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• Made with 100% Pure Yellow Box Honey from Australia

• Premium grade, dense texture, mildly sweet with a nice floral fragrant

• With no Additives, Preservatives and Added Sugar

• B-Qual (Australia) certified product, it is definitely a natural and healthy alternative to sugar and sweetener

• Individually packed design guarantees its freshness, and packing material is approved by FDA (USA)

• Convenient, hygienic, hassle-free and can be enjoyed “Anytime and Anywhere!”

Weight: 192g

Packing: 12g x 16 straws

Ingredient: 100% Australian Yellow Box Honey

Storage: Store in dry area at room temperature, and avoid from direct sunlight.

Recommendation: Consume directly, use for coffee, drinks, bread and desserts

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