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brass leather door handle

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Simple leather door handle is suitable for cabinet door drawer storage box luggage towel rack wall hanging hanger or bathroom decoration etc. All items are made of high-quality materials, fine workmanship and clean design. As the item is made of genuine leather, please allow for small imperfections as they are part of the beauty of using natural materials. Made of selected brass material, polished and hammered on the surface, the texture is improved, beautiful and durable, natural and environmentally friendly, the surface is not glazed, it will naturally oxidize and leave the mark of time.

With standard screw holes Clear and precise thread, easy to install Strong and durable Multiple specifications are optional

Material: copper + leather

Process: electroplating

Dimensions: 138mmL x 3mm thickness x 25mmW

Hole pitch: 96mm

Weight: 0.2kg

2.2cm screws are delivered by default (suitable for 1.8cm door panels)

Model Number: Copper 6887-Cool Brown-96.

Other pre-order model specifications

Copper 6887 khaki - single hole, copper 6887 khaki - 96, copper 6887 khaki - 128, copper 6887 khaki - 160, copper 6887 flesh color - single hole, copper 6887 flesh color - 96, copper 6887 flesh color - 128, copper 6887 Flesh color-160, copper 6887 light orange-single hole, copper 6887 light orange-96, copper 6887 light orange-128, copper 6887 light orange-160, copper 6887 orange-single hole, copper 6887 orange-96, copper 6887 orange- 128, copper 6887 orange-160, copper 6887 green-single hole, copper 6887 green-96, copper 6887 green-128, copper 6887 green-160, copper 6887 pink-single hole, copper 6887 pink-96, copper 6887 pink- 128, Copper 6887 Pink-160, Copper 6887 Light Coffee-Single Hole, Copper 6887 Light Coffee-96, Copper 6887 Light Coffee-128, Copper 6887 Light Coffee-160, Copper 6887 Brown-Single Hole, Copper 6887 Brown-96, Copper 6887 Brown-128, Copper 6887 Brown-160, Copper 6887-Cool Brown-Single Hole, Copper 6887-Cool Brown-96, Copper 6887-Cool Brown-128, Copper 6887-Cool Brown-160, Copper 6887 Blue- Single hole, copper 6887 blue-96, copper 6887 blue-128, copper 6887 blue-160, copper 6887 gray-single hole, copper 6887 gray-96, copper 6887 gray-128, copper 6887 gray-160, copper 6887 milk white-single hole, copper 6887 milk white-96, copper 6887 milk white-128, copper 6887 milk white-160, copper 6887 black-single hole, copper 6887 black-96, copper 6887 black-128, copper 6887 black -160, leather handle buckle-copper-18mm, leather handle buckle-copper-10mm

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