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disposable film camera with 12 films

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If you want to take a picture, take a picture! In the most simple and easy to use way, through that unique grain texture to record the current mood! Through the ritualistic actions such as pressing the shutter and developing photos, he returns to the warm embrace of the old age.

Camera specifications:


Product name: Disposable camera with flashing light

Camera case: brand new plastic injection case and PCB board

Film format: 135/35MM film

Shutter speed: 1/120 S

Camera aperture: F/9

Camera focal length: 28MM, fixed focal length

Camera focus: 1M to infinity (good photo effects between 1-3M)

Camera flash: built-in flash, and the switch is automatically charged (not manually pressed)

Battery specification: Built-in 1 AA battery (No. 5 battery)

Dimensions (mm):117(w) x 62(H) x 34(D)mm

weight(g): 102.00g

Main plastic: HIPS

Packing:25pcs/inner,100pcs/CTN,MEAS:39.5 x 33.4 x 28CM 


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