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Fabufabu 3pcs/Set - Replaceable 1 Long Wooden Handle natural loofah bristle shower brush with 2 Exfoliating Body Pad

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Natural Material - loofah + boar bristles + lotus wood handle ; size : Lotus wood handle: 40cm x 6.5cm x 4cm Loofah replacementExfoliating Body Pad : 10cm x 15cm x 0.4cm

Permanent connection. The brush will not detach from the wand during bathing. The two parts are connected together with Velcro, making them extremely durable and easy to replace.

Natural Exfoliation-Stays firm, natural loofah gently exfoliates & leaves skin smooth.Both oily & dry skin for Men & Women

Rich foam.Wash from head to toe,Fall in love with bath,Refuse to be a mess

Expands when wet.Soft and natural.Easy to hang, with the rope for you to hang the loofah scrubber, which makes it dry faster and prevents it from dirty after each use

Products made of high-quality loofah spongepure natural, pollution-free.Renewable ResourceIt can degrade naturally, protect the environment and save the earth

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