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Fabufabu 4-piece set white frosted zipper PEVA hanging garment bag

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Washable Suit Cover with Zip: This set of 4 hanging garment pockets in different sizes is the perfect lightweight staple. Moth-proof breathable dust cover suitable for wardrobe clothing storage transparent travel storage bag.

Meets all your storage and travel needs: Made of industry-leading lightweight material PEVA, thick yet breathable, it protects and preserves your clothes, ensuring they stay like new. The generous 60cm width provides enough room for your suit or other clothing without being too bulky to travel with or fit in your wardrobe.

Pack of 4: Suit/garment cover with full length zipper. The dimensions are approximately 80cm long x 60cm wide + 100cm x 60cm wide + 120cm x 60cm wide + 140cm x 60cm wide. Suitable for suits, shirts, trousers, tops, sports coats, etc.

PREMIUM PEVA MATERIAL: Made from industry-leading polyester material that is thick yet breathable, each garment bag protects and preserves your clothes while traveling or in storage, keeping them looking new.

Perfect for travel: can be washed, folded and reused over time. Don't cram all your suits into one suitcase or garment bag. This 4 piece comes in a set so each of your suits or dresses can have its own cover and breathing room. This prevents the suit from crinkling together and losing its crisp, pressed appearance.

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