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Fabufabu Camping fan with LED Lantern

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10,000mAh Battery Powered Fan with Hook, Tripod, Outdoor Rechargeable Fan Adjustable 3 Speeds Small Portable Tent Fan For Car Fishing Office Sleep

  • 10000mAh mobile power supplyFabufabu rechargeable fan is equipped with a large-capacity 10,000mAh battery that can be fully charged in just 4.5 hours using Type-C USB. Fabufabu battery operated fan can be used as an emergency power source for your devices, charging devices like your smartphone or tablet to ensure you stay connected even when you're outdoors. Excellent battery capacity allows Fabufabu battery fan to be used during hurricanes, storms or emergency power outages.
  • 💖Multifunctional three-in-one accessoriesFabufabu ventilador portatil comes with a tripod base, hanging hook, and desktop placement. Fabufabu standing fan allows you to set up this outdoor fan for fishing, picnicking, traveling, office desk, camping fan, tent lighting, Fabufabu camping essentials is a must-have item for adventure lovers.
  • 💡Adjustable speed and brightnessFabufabu car fan offer high, medium and low speed settings for customizable airflow, as well as three brightness levels for customized lighting. Fabufabu camping lantern are perfect for reading, cooking or evening gatherings, allowing you to brighten up your camping area during nocturnal activities. No more fumbling around in the dark or using an inconvenient flashlight.
  • 🕛Intelligent power saving timerThe 1st gear air volume is about 27 hours, the 2nd gear air volume is about 13 hours, the 3rd gear fan is about 8 hours Charging time: about 4.5 hours. By turning on the Fabufabu outdoor fans timing function, you can save battery life and customize the fan operation to meet your needs. Fabufabu camping fans for tents is very suitable for use when resting at night. It can be turned off at a scheduled time, so there is no need to turn off the device at night.
  • 🌧️Waterproof and Durable PortabilityFabufabu portable fan battery operated are made of high-quality impact-resistant PP material, providing excellent waterproof and drop-proof performance, suitable for various outdoor conditions. In addition, the compact and lightweight design of Fabufabu tent fans for camping hanging makes storage and transportation easy and will not add extra burden to your outdoor activities.

Battery life:

The 1st gear air volume is about 27 hours, the 2nd gear air volume is about 13 hours, the 3rd gear fan is about 8 hours Charging time: about 4.5 hours

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