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Fabufabu Mini Ice Cream Maker

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Focus on health, DIY make healthy or green organic ice cream, according to your own preferences, and enjoy the soft ice feeling with your loved ones at all times, no matter the hot summer or the festive season of autumn and winter, you can enjoy the ice and soft ice.

Various types of ice cream effects to choose from

60 Minutes - Frozen Yogurt

90 Minutes - Soft Ice Cream

120 minutes - Gelato

Easy to make, automatic operation, ready to eat without refrigeration

Step 1: Add 10 ounces of milk or water, then add ice cream powder and mix well

Step 2: Pour the mixture into the machine container and close the lid

Step 3: Finally, set and select the freezing time, and it can be eaten after completion

No need to pre-freeze, low energy consumption

2. No refrigerant, safer

3. Semiconductor freezing technology, low noise and more durable

4. Freezing time can be set freely, and different types of ice cream can be made

5. 0.6qt capacity, which can provide the consumption of 2 adults or 3 children

6. Simple operation, just turn the knob to make

7. Small and exquisite, easy to store

Power: 60W

Capacity: 500ml

Size: 23.1h ×16.3w × 22cmd

Weight: 2.6kg

Adapter: 100-240V 50-60Hz(input)/12V 5A(output)

Material: ABS