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Fabufabu Reusable 35mm Vintage Film Camera

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Originated from Fabufabu's concept "Hello! My Planet", life comes from simplicity, retro military green design, reusable 35mm retro style point-and-shoot film camera, in the most simple and easy-to-use way, through the unique grainy texture to record the current mood ! Through actions full of rituals such as pressing the shutter and developing photos, you can return to the warm embrace of the old era.

The 35mm film camera is equipped with a built-in flash for night shooting, the film format is 135 film/35mm film, the shutter speed is 1/120 S; aperture: F/8; the camera has a fixed focal length of 28mm, fixed focal length; the focusing distance is 1M to infinity (1-3M works well for photos), ideal for capturing most well-focused daylight scenes, compatible with 35mm color negative or black and white film, simulates a 35mm reusable film camera allowing you to capture quick snapshots or Moody monochrome scene.

Description of camera specifications: 

* 35mm reusable film camera with flash

* Film format: 135 flm (24x36mm),  ISO200/400

*Optical lens: 28mm/F8, 1 element

*Focusing: Focus free, 1.0m ~ 

*Shutter speed: 1/120s

*Film transport: Manual wind and rewind

*View finder: Field=70%

*Flash: Built-in flash, 1~3m flash range

*Power source: 1xAA-Alkaline battery

*Camera size: 120(W) x 65(H) 40(D) mm

*Camera weight: 125g

*Main material: ABS

Batteries and film not included

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