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Fabufabu Universal Travel Adapter with International Plug

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PD20W Smart Power 3.0A , 2 USB 2 Type C, Power Adapter Travel Charger, Outlet Converter Worldwide US to Europe EU AU UK USA

  • Universal Travel Adapter: the adapter comes in a small compact size with 4 USB ports to power all your devices. Includes 2 USB A and 2 Type C smart charging port. Great convenience as you charge up to 5 devices at the same time in just one outlet!
  • Worldwide usage: travel to over 160 countries of the most traveled nations. The power plug adapter is also great for all European outlets. This international travel adapter works in the US, UK, EU, Europe, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Asia, Israel and many others.** This product is not applicable to areas: parts of Africa.**
  • Supports most of your devices: including your travel hair dryer, shaver, laptop, curling iron, digital camera, tablet, bluetooth speakers, headphones and more. (Note: This is not a voltage converter, only compatible for dual voltage 100V to 250V wide voltage device)
  • Intelligent safety system: extra fuse safety protection, Voltage: This product can handle AC 110-250V; standard voltage, without transformer function Maximum load capacity: 2500W
  • Portable Size - 7cm(2.7”)W x 5.4cm(2.2”) x 6cm(2.4”)H & 0.15kg(0.33lbs), Essential for anyone who travels for pleasure or business. Compact size with no surge protection, no cords, making it fully cruise ship approved. Many people are stocking up with several due the smart capabilities, slim design, and outstanding performance. These are selling fast after being spotlighted by travel influencers as a must have travel accessory.

Rated voltage: AC240V

Rated current: 10A

Rated power: 2400W

Shell material: PC Weight: 160

Number of holes: 8

Rated voltage range: above 100V and below 240V

Number of USB interfaces: 4

Product Series: Multi-Country Universal Converter

Fast charging standard: PD fast charging

Rated frequency: 50/60HZ

USB output parameters: 3A

Shell material: PC

Color: black, white

Conductor material: phosphor bronze

Fast charging standard: PD fast charging

A. This product is suitable for more than 150:

- Asia: China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

- Europe: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, etc.

- America: United States, Canada, Brazil, Panama, Java, Mexico, etc.

- Australia: Australia, New Zealand, etc.

-  Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, Israel, Jordan, etc.

- This product is not applicable to areas: parts of Africa.

B. Scope of application: This product is used to convert plugs and sockets of different standards into each other; suitable for personal digital assistants (PDAs), digital cameras, chargers, CD players, notebook computers, shavers and other small-power electrical appliances.

C. The product shell is made of imported PC fireproof material (hard, good feel, high temperature resistance, long life), and high-precision phosphor copper is used for conductivity to ensure the conductivity and resistance to deformation during plugging and unplugging.

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