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Flow Portable telescopic cordless fan

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Wireless folding fan with summer series. Four seasons fan, delicate and soft wind, balance indoor temperature, make you feel comfortable, relieve stress, give you a comfortable dream

The 180-degree angle adjustment and foldable storage are thinner than A4, and the elongation can be raised up to 3 feet. It is compact and practical. 4-speed high-speed wind, built-in 7200mAh lithium battery, USB charging, durable, wireless operation up to 24 hours, suitable for table or sitting, flexible placement

1. Foldable design, easy to store, and portable

2. Four sections of wind speed, strong wind and natural mode

3. The telescopic bracket can be up to 3 feet, and it can be used on the table or on the floor

4. Flexible air supply: 90-degree swing, 180-degree elevation

5. Detachable fan cover, easy to clean

6. Quiet operation, the noise decibel is below 40db

7. USB-C can charge, no need to buy an adapter

Power mode: USB

Noise: below 40db

Rated voltage: 5v

Rated power: 1.2-4.3W

Rated frequency: 50hz

Air supply method: rotating blade

Wind speed gear: 4 gears

Way of shaking your head: shake your head up and down

Gross weight: 1.213KG

Packing volume: 20 x 8

color: White

Function: USB charging radio fan

Motor Type : Brushless Motor

Number of fan blades : 5 pages

Dimensions: 19.6 x 19.6 x 9CM

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