Fried mackerel fillets with black beans and chilli bundle 8 boxes

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A pinch of a piece of bread will instantly reach the lowest level of deliciousness in the world!

Red Marubean Fried mackerel fillets with black beans and chilli and bowl of rice! It is the simplest, the lowest requirement, the most basic...life enjoyment... Although it is not a big fish and meat, it is the taste of the world! So I say that the housing company really doesn’t have to have a box, and the housing company looks at the door!

Product details:

Fish Fillet with Chili Black Bean

place of origin:



This product contains soy and fish

Storage method:

Please store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.


Fried mackerel, soybean oil, salted tempeh (soybeans, salt), soy sauce, chili, sugar

Packing specification 115g

Place of Origin Thailand

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