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Gold Plated Zircon Bracelet | Bracelet Gold Bracelet | Zircon Bracelet | Diamond Like Bracelet | Stainless Bracelet

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Fabufabu "Less is More” collection, Be a part of timeless luxury and elegance with this exquisite gold bracelet adorned with shimmering diamond-like gemstones.

less is more from FABUFABU’s theme, This stunning piece of jewelry effortlessly complements both formal and celebratory occasions, adding a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Perfect as a thoughtful gift for special milestones or cherished moments, this bracelet embodies the essence of refined beauty and enduring love.

Treatment process: diamond, electroplating

Color: Gold

Style: women's fashion

Material: Stainless steel

The chain width is 4MM, the length of the bracelet chain is about 17CM, and the length of the extension chain is about 5CM

Net weight about 4.5 grams

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