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GoPro 10 Portable Snorkelling Outdoor Bundle set

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Bundle set includes diving buoyancy wrist strap, selfie tripod and light storage bag

A light storage bag specially designed for sports or outdoor cameras, it is convenient to store GoPro or other cameras and various accessories.

Nylon is used as the surface fabric, with EVA material with high hardness.

The buoyancy wrist strap is specially designed for diving or outdoor use. It is made of diving fabric with built-in foam material. The yellow color is highly recognizable, which is easy to see and locate. The T-buckle design is safe and firm.

The selfie tripod is made of ABS and PC. It can be expanded from 60cm to 26cm and is compatible with GoPro and various mobile phone cameras. Multifunctional tri-fold selfie stick and tripod design, convenient for self-stick or stable use

Set weight: 0.54kg

Wrist band

Material: diving fabric

Product Size

Weight: 18.5g

List : Floating wrist strap A*1pcs

Color : Yellow

Tripod: Applicable models

Compatible with a variety of mobile phone cameras



Product Size

Unfolded 60cm, folded 26cm

Weight: 215g

storage bag


Product Size

32.5cm x 21.7cm x 6.5cmH

Weight: 0.31kg