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Less is More! sterling silver bracelet

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bracelet is a unique fusion between color and texture, with modern simplicity and generous elegance. Fabufabu 925 sterling silver heavy-duty texture flashing diamond delicate open bracelet, the shape is more slender, the bracelet is treated with a smooth surface, but it also retains the unique color effect. The bracelet is made of platinum-plated gold, and the tightness can be adjusted by yourself, suitable for men and women.

Material : Platinum plated

style: Korean style/Korean style

style : Women

modeling : Geometry

Package : In gift box

Origin : China


No repairs and returns are provided

●Maintenance knowledge

1. All jewelry, no matter what kind of material, is afraid of moisture, especially rain, sweat, perfume, bathing hot springs, chemical products, etc., will seriously damage the jewelry and produce oxidation, so it should be avoided and stayed away as much as possible.

2. Jewelry is recommended to be worn frequently, body oil can make jewelry produce a natural, warm and beautiful luster.

3. The jewelry will be oxidized over time and vulcanized or oxidized to turn yellow and black. You can use a moist soft toothbrush with toothpaste or dentifrice to gently brush the surface, or wipe with a silver or copper cloth to restore the original Metallic luster.

4. If you are worried that the chemical emulsion of silver wiping cloth and copper wiping cloth will cause skin allergies, you can rinse with water and wipe dry before wearing.

6. When not wearing it, put it in a sealed bag cleanly to reduce the oxidation rate.

8. Do not put all kinds of jewelry in the same jewelry box. Different hardness of the jewelry will rub against each other and cause wear.

9. Never use any other tools to clean your jewelry, which will leave scratches on the surface of the jewelry. If using a brush is necessary, please use a clean or very soft brush to scrub your jewelry.

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