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MingCha Wellness - Leng Lui Tea bundle 3 packs

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MingCha Wellness Teas keep you happy and healthy!

Leng Lui Tea, under the Wellness Tea Bag series, is personally developed and designed by Vivian Mak, Founder of MingCha, a[HONG KONG TOP BRAND].

It is suitable for the needs of urban life, it is fun and healthy and delicious to drink!

Leng Lui Tea Made from high-quality Chinese white tea and carefully blended with roses to help blood circulation, carefully selected bleach-free paper tea bags

The beautiful girl drinking Leng Lui Tea is so beautiful! Refrigerate in room temperature water for 8 hours, cold soaking is also possible, not only to quench the heat and thirst, but also to maintain health and youth! Suitable for drinking after work, outdoor hiking, sports spa and yoga

Country of Origin: China

Ingredients: White Tea with Rose ​

Effects: For cold hands and feet, warming, improves circulation

Contents: 1.5g x 7bags

Brewing suggestion:

Teaware: Mug

Tea Bag: 1

Temperature: 85 °C

Water: 250 ml

Infusion time: 3 min

No of infusions: 2-3