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mini multifunction electric cooker

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The multifunction electric cooker is mini and convenient. After a busy day at work, come to a bowl of happy supper made by yourself to comfort your tired soul!

Multifunction small electric cooker, can cook rice porridge, hot pot and even instant noodles or soup. The free design concept of the bowl shape is convenient for instant consumption.

Just 0.8L capacity, suitable for 1-2 people to enjoy. Made of ceramic glaze non-stick liner, easy to clean, automatic power off safety design, temperature control protection. The anti-scald shell protects your delicate hands.

The visible glass top lid allows you to see the cooking process clearly. There are cooling holes at the bottom of the machine, which is safe and reliable. The power supply is equipped with a silicone protective cover, which is easy to clean. The default British power plug is required, if a power plug in other regions is required. Welcome to inquire.

Product Size: 15.5cmW x 13cmD x 17cmH

Packing Size : 18.5 x 17 x 18cmH

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Power: 500W

Product colour: green

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