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MOMEEKA S-Series Cleaner

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MOMEEKA's S-Series products Baby Baby Goods & Toys Disinfectant Cleaner, S-Series Products cleaners not only concern the efficiency, and even put more effort to human, pets and material safety. MOMEEKA's S-Series products adhere to pass stimulant testing. ..It does not contain harmful substances, and it is good for materials, not aggressive, to protect the health of users.

We pay attention to the skin care of infants and young children, and launch the non-irritating cleaning products.

It is 100% made in Europe, contains no colouring agents, odoriferous or petrification. Elements are eco-friendly. In addition to removing stains, it kills bacteria. Besides, detergents are harmless to babies, pregnant women, pets, people with asthma, allergies or other sensitivities. It even does not require any additional rinsing after using.


Used for cleaning toys and surfaces such as bed rails, safety gates, playmats, baby bouncers, car seats, high chairs and strollers etc.


Spray directly on water-resistant surface and wipe with wet or dry towel; or spray on towel and wipe.