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morse code couple bracelet

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This bracelet was made by copper. I love you and fruck off bracelet gift for her.

Morse Code is an alphabet or code in whick letters are represented.

each character is represented by a unique sequence.

wrapped in a classic jevelry gift box, whick is a tourghtful presen for her.

Put together English letters according to the rules of Morse code

Please refer to the attached picture for the Morse code represented by each letter and number

Each item is packaged in an exquisite gift box

Style: simple

Material: copper

Craft: hand weaving

Electroplating: environmentally friendly electroplating

Kind: Bracelet

Style: couple style

Modeling: Digital password

Packaging: Individually packed

Colour: Fuck off, I Love you

Accessories maintenance

Wear recommendations: It is not recommended to wear any jewelry for bathing, bathing, swimming, sports, and avoid contact with hot springs, sea water, swimming pool chlorine, cleaning agents, or other chemicals. Before changing clothes or going to bed, you should remove the jewelry to prevent it from breaking or falling off due to accidental pulling and collision.

Daily maintenance: When not wearing it, wipe the surface with cotton cloth or glasses cloth to remove water and dirt, and then put it in a sealed zipper bag to avoid air contact and oxidation. If the jewelry is stained with sweat or cosmetics, it is recommended to rinse it off with water, dry it, and air dry it before putting it in a zipper bag.

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