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MR & MRS BEAN Brazil Single Origin Drip Bag Coffee bundle 4 boxes

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Living in a prosperous and dynamic city, everyone is busy and fast-paced, but there are high expectations for quality of life. Recently, leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee brewed by yourself, so that you can enjoy real life.

Brazil is the World’s most famous and the largest coffee producer. The coffee beans from estates around the Southern port Santos grow at an altitude of 1,100-1,200 meters. They are large in size, with a strong aroma, balanced structure and soft palate, which makes it represent Brazil’s high-quality coffee. The coffee is full-bodied, low in acidity and bitterness, with a hint of nutty and chocolate aroma, and a moderate caramel sweetness.

“Wet method” is to wash the coffee cherries directly by water after the outer skins are removed, thereby removing the pulp and pectin, and then dried them under the sun or by machine. This treatment strengthens the fermentation and gives richer and stronger aroma to the coffee.

。 Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans with no preservatives, sweeteners or additives. Pure coffee, a healthy and delicious choice.


。 Specially selected coffee beans roasted by a dedicated Taiwanese roastery. Each portable packet contains freshly ground coffee naturally preserved with nitrogen, quality and food safety guaranteed.


。 A cup of rich and aromatic coffee can be served with 90-95˚C of hot water and a minute of your time.


。 Our drip-bag coffee is affordable and brews a cup of high quality coffee comparable to coffee served in restaurants and cafes.

Brazil Single Origin Drip Bag Coffee

。 Ingredient: 100% single origin Arabica coffee beans from Brazil

。 Region: Santos

。 Processing: Wet Method

。 Roast: City Roast

。 Pack and Roast: Taiwan

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