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Mr & Mrs Bean Colombia Single Origin Drip Bag Coffee bundle 4 boxes

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Living in a prosperous and dynamic city, everyone is busy and fast-paced, but there are high expectations for quality of life. Recently, leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee brewed by yourself, so that you can enjoy real life.

Use the highest quality of 100% Single Origin Colombian Arabica beans – SHB (Strictly Hard Beans), it has good density, focus taste, low in caffeine content and acidity. Huila region is at elevations from 1,300 to 1,900 meters, with individual farmers producing their highest quality beans. The fertile volcanic soil, combined with sufficient rain and stable humidity, makes it the region with the highest yield, and the beans won awards year after year.

“Wet method” is to wash the coffee cherries directly by water after the outer skins are removed, thereby removing the pulp and pectin, and then dried them under the sun or by machine. This treatment strengthens the fermentation and gives richer and stronger aroma to the coffee.

。 Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans with no preservatives, sweeteners or additives. Pure coffee, a healthy and delicious choice.


。 Specially selected coffee beans roasted by a dedicated Taiwanese roastery. Each portable packet contains freshly ground coffee naturally preserved with nitrogen, quality and food safety guaranteed.


。 A cup of rich and aromatic coffee can be served with 90-95˚C of hot water and a minute of your time, more convenient than making cup noodles.


。 Our drip-bag coffee is affordable and brews a cup of high quality coffee comparable to coffee served in restaurants and cafes.

。 Ingredient: 100% single origin Arabica coffee beans from Colombia

。 Region: Huila

。 Grade: SHB (Strictly Hard Bean)

。 Processing: Wet Method

。 Roast: City Roast

。 Pack and Roast: Taiwan

。 Box Pack: 80g (10g x 8 packets)

。 Eco Pack: 320g (10g x 32 packets)

Bittersweet ★★★☆☆   Sour ★★☆☆☆   Mellow ★★★★★

“City Roast” helps to bring out fully and completely the smoothness, rich and mellow character, and sweet aftertaste of this coffee flavour.

Drip Bag Coffee Pour Method

1.Open: Tear open the drip bag along the dotted line.

2.Pull: Pull the hangers out from both sides of the drip bag and hang on the cup.

3.Pour: Pour 90-95°C of hot water to wet the coffee grinds and let it bloom for 20-30 seconds, then gradually pour up to 200cc of hot water letting it drip in-between pours. (With Milk:gradually pour up to 100cc of hot water)

4.Remove: Suggest to steep for no more than 30 seconds, remove the drip bag from the cup and serve.

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