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Nissin Crisp Choco bundle 12 boxes

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The thick chocolate bag has a crispy and delicious coffee taste, and the taste is excellent. The shape is piece by piece like PIZZA, there are 8 pieces in a box, very innovative

Origin: Japan

Product Details:

1. "W Blend" which is a blend of mild Ghanaian cacao and Ecuadorian cacao with a gorgeous scent."Cacao chocolate" hardened lightly baked corn flakes

2. 8 pieces that are easy to pick up and share with friends

Product Warnings:

Contain soy

Product Usage:

Ready to Eat

Storage Condition:

Store in a cool dry place


Corn flakes (non-GMO corn), sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa pulp, vegetable oil, lactose, cocoa powder, emulsifier, flavor, calcium carbonate