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S925 Sterling Silver Star Bracelet

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Fabufabu "Less is More” collection , elegant and minimalist design concept!

Mainly made of sterling silver inlaid with gemstones, the design of the ultra-fine chain is elegant even if only one is worn,

Girls Korean version of simple personality, suitable for Valentine's Day or birthday gifts.

unit weight : 0.001kg

Style: Korean version of Korean / Korean style

Material : Silver

Processing technology: diamond

Production Number : F116

Type : Bracelet

Style : Women's

Shape: star

Inlay material: sterling silver inlaid gemstones

Precious Metal Quality : 2.6

Color : White Diamond, Blue Diamond

Purity : 925 silver

Maintenance method

Sterling silver jewelry can be worn every day, because human body oil will make silver glow warm; brass and alloy materials contact sweat, chemical substances, etc., which will cause the color to darken. When not wearing, it is recommended to wipe it with a soft cloth and store it in a zipper bag , keep it dry to help maintain the color of the jewelry.

Perfume, hair dye, chlorine in swimming pools, sulfur in hot springs, and corrosiveness of sea water will permanently discolor silver jewelry, brass, and alloy jewelry. Please remove them when you are engaged in water activities; wear silver jewelry after spraying perfume for a few minutes. .

To clean silver jewelry, you can rub it with a silver cloth or squeeze a little toothpaste with water and gently wipe with a soft brush to remove the scale on the surface and restore the luster. Brass can be wiped and maintained with copper oil, copper paste or copper cloth.

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