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S925 Sterling Silver Zircon Star Bracelet

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Fabufabu "Less is More” collection, The star-sharp bracelet implies the story of the starry sky, sincere love, and unwavering.

less is more from FABUFABU’s theme, simple design of 925 sterling silver, high-quality multi-layer electroplating process, small star zirconium diamonds are exquisite and elegant, rich in layers and not monotonous, bright and shiny. There are only small beads between the chains, which are lightly embellished at intervals, completely bringing out the elegant and simple design, adding a little joy and love to life. Let every woman find her own personality.

Material: S925 silver and sapphire

Size: Chain length about 15+5cm (15cm x 0.1 x 0.1cm)

Approximate weight: 0.01cm

care instructions

Do not pull or squeeze to avoid damage.

Wash, sleep, soak in hot springs or sea water need to be unloaded.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can last a long time.

Silver jewelry is oxidized to metallic properties, so clean it and store it in a sealed bag when not wearing it.

Avoid wearing jewelry to do heavy work, as it is easy to scratch and damage the surface of the jewelry.

Do not touch perfume, vinegar, fruit juice, bleach to reduce the occurrence of erosion.

For natural stones, crystals and pearls, please wash them with clean water and then wipe them with a soft cloth.

Silver jewelry can be maintained by wiping with the attached silver cloth.

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