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Simple Pure White Transparent Bluetooth Speaker

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The concept of [Hello My Planet] and incorporating the product concept of [Simple is Beauty], Continues the pure white appearance of pure white cassette with Walkman player (TON007B). The introduction of fully transparent pure white simple bluetooth speakers.

Using the Bluetooth 5.0 version, you can place it in any corner and switch the mood movement in your mobile phone at will. The transparent and pure white minimalist design brings out a unique artistic atmosphere. The Transparent Bluetooth Speaker is embedded in a transparence acrylic plastic within the metal frame structure, which not only creates a floating effect, but also brings a stronger original feel to the exposed wire. The total output power of the speakers for the left and right channels of the speakers is 30W.

· 5.0 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System

· Channel output power: 2 x 15W

· Bluetooth profile name: SHAIBANG

· Product approx size : 27cmW x 20.5H x 9.5cmD

· Product weighs : 3.21kg

· Packing approx size : 34cmW x 28.5cmD x 17cmH

· Packing weight : 3.85kg

· Color: White, black 

· Aluminum and acrylic plastic

· Power adapter: AC 220V 50Hz DC12V 3A

Made in China | non-original factory products