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SUCTION CUP MOUNT for GoPro12 & DJI action2 compatible

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The suction cup of the action camera can rotate and tilt 360° to reach every angle. The double ball head design can be adjusted, and the angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the operation is convenient.

Using the pressure lock design, it has strong suction, is stable and flexible, and can be folded and stored.

Compatible with: DJI action 2 and GoPro 12, Insta360, mirrorless cameras under 1kg, mobile phones, etc.

Use it as a car mount or when vlogging while cooking/working/exercising/doing your makeup.

Material: 316 stainless steel; aluminum alloy

Product Dimensions: 0.93cm x 0.84 x 15.38cmH

Product weight: 0.17kg

Package weight: 0.27kg

1. Only adsorbed on a smooth, flat, non suitable surface

Non suitable surfaces:

Coating surface;

Natural marble surface;

Old tile surface;

Breathable wallpaper;

Diatom mud wall;

Unpainted wood surface;

Frosted glass surface;

Other rough or breathable material surface;

When using this product to be adsorbed on the outside of vehicles such as automobiles and motorcycles, this product is only used on flat roads. Please make sure that the product adsorption area is smooth and flat, and the speed is strictly controlled below 80km/h.

If conditions permit, it is recommended to use a safety rope to avoid accidents

4. Not recommended for surfing, skiing or other high impact sports. This

product is only suitable for non-impact activities.

Recommended ambient operating temperature range: -10°C~40°C. When not in use, please do not engage the buckle to prevent damage to

the perfomance of the action camera suction cup.

Note:Static load should not exceed 1.5 KG.

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