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Two-in-one neck-mounted cooling and heating fan

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The product is designed to be ergonomic, and there is a cooling device on the back of the neck, which can quickly cool without interruption, so that everyone can enjoy the cool feeling of ice anytime, anywhere. New semiconductor cooling and heating, large-area semiconductor cooling chip, with intelligent temperature control Chip design, maintain efficient temperature control, fast cooling or heating, suitable for all seasons

With two left and right 60-piece fan fans and Type-C portable charging, up to 540 minutes of powerful battery life. It can be folded and collected, the angle can be adjusted freely, the light weight is only 342 grams, and the three-stage wind speed can meet different needs and enjoy personal cool or warm air anytime, anywhere.

Hands-free design with neck hanging, easy to carry, ideal for use in different outdoor activities, such as: hiking, cycling, camping, barbecue, walking, traveling, camping, etc.

Let you enjoy the coolness at any time in the hot summer, use the two 60-piece fans on the left and right to inhale the outside air, use the new semiconductor refrigeration, and transfer the cold to the skin through the aluminum block, making you feel the instant ice feeling.

The built-in 4000mAh lithium polymer battery can be used for 8-9 hours when fully charged in about 4 hours.

Fashionable and lightweight, white, black and pink

USB charging neck fan

Design of bladeless fan for both cooling and heating

Shape: round

Switch type: piano key

Function: cooling + hot compress

Model: S64

Color: white, pink, blue

Dimensions: 24.2 x 20.2 x 6.6cm

Style: modern minimalist

Category: hanging neck, multifunctional

Battery life: 2-3 hours

Number of fan blades: bladeless fan

Shell : Injection

Noise : 37-45dB

Battery : Built-in battery

Built-in battery capacity: 2000mAh-4000mAh

*Different ambient temperature and humidity will affect the cooling effect and rate

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