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Car UVC Intelligent Air Purifier

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Car UVC Intelligent air purifier, EU certified, through negative ion and UVC technology, thoroughly purifies the air within 6 minutes. Type-c fast charging, no need to plug in, 1800mAH battery capacity, longer standby time up to 260 minutes, intelligent real-time monitoring function, display air index, one-button switch, start to use at any time.

Using Japan's Sharp PM2.5 sensor, it is accurate and sensitive. By releasing 15 million negative ions, it coats the surrounding harmful suspended particles to drive away harmful gases and allergens, effectively cleaning all kinds of dust, formaldehyde odor, pm2.5, etc.

Then through UVC deep ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection, 260-280nm wavelength ultraviolet rays, effectively kill 99.99 viruses and bacteria, the body is only 80 x 80 x 125mm, suitable for car luggage or office use, and there is an adsorption base, which can be used with different models.

No need to electric wire plug in, long-time standby: 1800mAh lithium battery, can be used for up to 260 minutes

UVC ultraviolet sterilization

Negative ion dust removal to remove formaldehyde odor

Large capacity battery, longer standby time

Air quality real-time display

EasyDrive motor drive technology

EasySilent technology

Material ABS

made in China

Battery capacity 1800mAh

Power 5 (W)

Power 5 (V)

Battery life 240 minutes

Negative ion concentration 15 million

The recommended area is 10 ()

Noise: 40db

Rated voltage 5 (V)

Size 80*80*126mm

Weight 0.45 (kg)

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