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Waterproof Case Compatible with GoPro 12

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The GoPro 12 waterproof case allows you to record every moment of the deep sea. It’s waterproof effect can reach a depth of approx 50m, high light transmission PU and tempered glass are used on the front & back to prevent the lens from scratching. The light transmittance is as high as 95%.

Plus rubber seal further Protection, the four-sided shell is made of polycarbonate, Abe protects your GoPro.

At the same time, with a color cast filter, the red bridge is green deep sea, and the light red restores the deep seafood blue and purple to make the ocean green richer and the color more rich.

Produced by a third-party factory

Suitable for GoPro 12/11/10/9

Material: PC + tempered glass

Product size: 94H x 85W x 46mmD

Packing List : Waterproof case, base

Color: waterproof case

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