I  realize by now you have probably read or heard zillions of theories on  the Malaysian airplane disappearance. I have a few, but this is an esoteric/physics one that I created as a theoretic physicist.  Remember Einstein was a theoretic physicist, too.  Am I the next Einstein?  You never know?

The loss of the Malaysian Airlines Flight demonstrates a new quantum physics theory entitled the envelope.  A long slit in the dark matter in the universe opens up and all matter within so many degrees is shoved into the envelope and sealed.

As the fifth dimension is accelerating this is being observed more and more.  This was just one such occurrence.  There have been others, but this is the first that is identifiable to mankind.As we accelerate, more and more of these envelopes will open and other masses of matter will be observed.

Eventually all of mankind, the earth and the present solar system will be enveloped and as it will happen more and more often, with the slit being larger and large.  At that point the universe will cease to exist, end times, under this new quantum physics theory.  Science meets religion.

We are all at one with God, nirvana.

Wait and see.